Your Baby Feed home RSS Feed Bubzi Co Baby Sleep Aid Night Light & Shusher Sound...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 Ultimate "Baby Whisperer" For Fussy Babies Let's be real, even the cutest and sweetest babies get fussy at times. And in those moments when you're exhausted and trying to do ten other things at once, our Bubzi Soothing Owl may be just the solution you are looking for to comfort and entertain your darling baby when you need it most. After all, we all could use a helpful sidekick to save the day once in awhile. Feels Like an Answer to a Sleepy Mom's PrayersOur super soft soothing owl is hand washable. Plus, it's battery operated so you can take it anywhere, even while traveling in a car. Batteries and a screw driver are also included with your purchase. Soothing. Soft. Effective Comfort. The songs include: Minuet, Brahms Lullaby, Are You Sleeping, Baa Baa Black sheep, Home Sweet Home, American Patrol, Mary has a Little Lamb, Oh My Darling, London Bridge is Falling Down, and Hush Little Baby. It also includes a natural bird song, and a heartbeat sound to calm and soothe your baby. Our Bubzi Co ® Soothing Sleep Owl also includes soft LED night lights that project stars onto your child's wall or ceiling. The music and lights will automatically turn off after 30 minutes. You can also adjust the volume, and turn off the lights without interfering with the music. Popular Soothing Lullabies for Any OccasionTo enjoy the 10 different gentle lullabies and sounds, simply press the Arrows button to choose and listen to desired lullaby. To play all of the 10 lullabies in sequence, just hold the Arrows button continuously for 3 seconds. Super Easy to Operate Just remove the plastic projector from our Bubzi Co ® Soothing Sleep Owl's tummy. Then, open the battery compartment with the included screwdriver, and insert the AAA batteries that were also included with your purchase. Additional Images: Price: $54.97Baby Pillow for Flat Head Syndrome Prevention, Prevent...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 Need Proper Sleep Newborns need not only the right amount of sleep but also a high quality of sleep. If your infant's head is not positioned correctly it could disturb his or her sleep, keeping his or her brain and body from growing as fast and healthy as it should. Our pillow puts your infant into an ergonomically correct position, keeping his or her head aligned with the spine. It is in this position that air flow is optimum and that the best sleep is achieved. A baby that has high quality restful sleep is a happy, healthy, and thriving baby. Prevent and Correct Flat Head Syndrome Our ergonomic heart shape pillow is designed to prevent and correct mild cases of flat head syndrome. Flat head syndrome occurs when a baby's head develops a flat spot due to pressure on that area. Babies are vulnerable because their skull is soft and pliable when they're born. Use our pillow to position your newborn's head properly. The cut out in the pillow allows air to circulate, keeping your infant's head from overheating as well as allowing room to support your infant's head so that it does not become flat through pressure. Keeping the head and neck in alignment with the spine is an added benefit to restful sleep. Highest Quality Materials Covered with organic cotton, and filled with bamboo memory foam, this positioning pillow is made with materials that will not irritate a newborn's sensitive skin. Plush and soft, this positioning pillow also provides the support your baby needs to sleep well and have his or her head protected. Don't allow your baby's head to become misshapen with flat head syndrome, add our heart shaped positioning pillow to your cart now and ensure that your newborn gets the restful sleep he or she needs to grow up healthy! Additional Images: Price: $19.99Summer Infant Soothe and Vibe Portable SootherWed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 and Vibe is a portable soothing unit that helps relax baby anywhere. The vibration gives your baby the comfort of movement even when standing still. Includes white noise, lullaby, and heart beat sounds for additional soothing. Additional Images: Price: $14.99Nested Bean Zen Sack Classic - Adjustable Cotton Wearable...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 Your reassuring touch can signal comfort, security and love to your baby, allowing them to calm and sleep peacefully. Based on the medically proven benefits of touch, the Zen Sack includes a lightly weighted area on the chest which gives the sensation of a caregiver's palm. Moms who have used the Zen Sack say their babies get up to two additional hours of nighttime sleep within one to three nights. TWO WAY ZIPPER SYSTEM Two zippers open and close almost the entire perimeter of the Zen Sack, making mid-sleep diaper changes a breeze. This design also makes putting on and taking off this sleep sack super easy, even with only one arm available. SIZING Comes in 3-6 months (7-18 lbs, 19-26 inches) and 6-12 months (16-24 lbs, 26-30 inches). Adjustable shoulder snaps allow for a snug fit. MATERIAL Made from 100% luxuriously soft cotton for your baby's tender skin, it is washer and dryer safe. The weighted pad is filled with non-toxic poly beads, the same as you find in children's stuffed toys. SAFETY The Zen Sack exceeds safety standards. It has passed all mandatory and several voluntary tests. All materials are BPA, toxic and Phthalate free. YOUR STORY IS OUR STORY We know that bringing your new baby home is wonderful... and a little anxiety inducing! There's so much to discover about caring for your new little one. It's natural to feel moments of uncertainty as you learn your baby's cry cues, eating habits and sleep patterns. Each member of the Nested Bean team has experienced the joys and the challenges, the milestones and the tears that come with raising small children. It is this first had experience that led us to the creation of the Zen Sack. Your story is our story. Additional Images: Price: $35.99Baby Pillow For Newborn Breathable 3-Dimentional Air Mesh...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 100% Handmade! Meticulous stitching and finishing! This product is 100% made with handmade in Korea. We have professionals with over 20-year experience in each area from cutting to sewing. It can't be compared with other low-end products produced in mass by machine. You can feel real value of WelLifes as much as you do the laundry and use it longer. Made by using CLOUD 9 Organic Cotton Fabric Textiles Cover from USA! Cloud9 Fabrics uses only organic fabrics of American famous designers. Proven American organic fabrics provides our precious baby with health and safety. It uses natural fiber which didn't use fertilizers or pesticides older than 4 years. As it is not treated with any chemicals, it keeps the feeling of the cotton itself. We WelLifes , protecting the fragile skin of our baby and considering nature, promises to continue to produce only healthy and honest product with mother's heart. Additional Images: Price: $45.95Baby Kid Mattress Waterproof Changing Pad Diapering Sheet...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 45x 35cm/17.7x 13.7 Inch (S) 70x 50cm/27.5x 19.7 Inch (M) 70x 105cm/27.5x 41.3 Inch (L) Manual measurement, there may be 1 ~ 2cm error. Features: • Light & portable-Easily rolls up and snaps to tuck into your diaper bag, stroller or glove box. • Waterproof, wipeable & washable-Easy to clean with just a wipe or a rinse. For big accidents, toss in the wash and air dry. • So many uses-After diapers this mat can be used to protect car seats after swimming lessons or shield from muddy park benches, anywhere you need a waterproof surface • Three size pads for toddlers-If your child is larger than a changing station, this mat is especially useful because you can change on a car seat or a carpet. Just make sure the matis under the diaper and that's all you need. • Change diapers anywhere -The totally waterproof surface means you can change anywhere and not worry about messes or stains soaking though. Change in a pram stroller, an infant carrier, a crib, a car seat, a carpet or a couch. For example: Heather made this mat after an embarrassing shopping trip. "When my son needed to be changed, I went to use the changing station. I was using a bulky changing pad that was a shower gift. Then the unthinkable--yet inevitable-happened, a 'poosplosion' all over the thick white minky and urine soaked through the pad. I tried to clean it as best I could but the only option was to roll it up and wash it when I got home. For the rest of the day I smelled like poop and the saleslady at Nordstom could smell it too!! I was mortified! Finally, I went outside and threw it in the trash, vowing that when I came home I would come up with something better!" Now with her waterproof changing mat, accidents are no problem and she has happily traded up to a smaller, more stylish diaper bag. Additional Images: Price: $14.99Little Things 25 LARGE Disposable Baby Diaper Changing...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 the satisfaction of knowing that on-the go diaper changes will always be a breeze! Just wrap everything up in your disposable changing pad, toss it out, and be on your way. These changing pads are comfortable, leak-proof, and large enough to keep your child safe and clean. - Our Guarantee - If within 90 DAYS you are not 100% happy with your purchase of Little Things Disposable Changing Pads, let us know and we will refund your entire purchase price no questions asked. So Order Your Little Things Disposable Changing Pads Now While They're Still In Stock! Additional Images: Price: $18.99White Muslin Baby Swaddle Blanket – 100% Organic Cotton...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 presents Muslin Swaddle Blanket for moms who want to show their love every minute. WHAT your new-born baby needs? ✅Even tough your baby cannot speak yet, you can see his feelings: YOUR child is happy and does not whimper at the swaddling? ✅It means that touch of your hands and the delicate fabric of premium baby blanket is nice and soft. YOUR baby is quiet and calmly asleep? ✅It means you have chosen the blanket of optimal density and have provided your infant with maximum comfort. YOUR baby is smiling in a dream? ✅It shows you that your baby feels safe because you have surrounded him with your care and love. Muslin swaddle blanket gives you and your baby a sense of security. YOUR baby's skin is soft, tender, and with no irritation? ✅It tells that you have bought him a breathable 100% Organic Swaddle Blanket of premium quality. HOW can you show your love to your baby with Suntanca Swaddle Baby Blanket? Provide your new-born baby with: HEALTHY SLEEP -there's no better blanket to wrap your little one with than an Suntanca swaddle. SAFE BATHING -make sure your baby is dry after having a bath and Suntanca swaddle blanket is perfect for it. It is soft, absorbs the water and can be used for shower drain purposes. PROTECTION -lightweight blanket can protect your baby from sun, dust, mosquitoes and other bugs. Just cover an infant seat or stroller with Suntanca Baby Blanket while you are outside. FEEDING -it is always nice to have some privacy especially while feeding your new-born. Keep way world distractions just by using Suntanca Baby Blanket Suntanca Swaddle Baby Blanket is must-have while traveling and even going out. It is your defense from heat and cold, from dust and bugs, from sun and many other things. We offer: 1.Luxury quality and premium comfort. 2.Optimal sizes of blankets. 3.Extremely soft fabric. 4.Comfortable and cosy blanket. 5.Babies love it. Show your love and order couple of SUNTANCA Swaddle Blanket right now. Additional Images: Price: $11.50HAHA Baby Soft Hanging Rattle Toy Infant Stroller Car Seat...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 HAHA Baby Wanna give your baby a fun, safe and educational toy? Wanna the price to be more affordable? --This is what HAHA Baby is doing. We aim to provide toys with reasonable and affordable price which could help 0-3 years kids to improve their recognizing, learning, speaking and coordination skill by interact with parents.  4pcs Hanging Baby Rattle Toys Set! This baby rattle collection is a great value. There are 4 different hanging bell rattles, each are colorful and differ in shapes. Each rattle is unique and fun to play with.Your baby will love playing with so many rattle toys! For ages under 3 years old. Specification: Dimension: Approx 38-46.5cm*14-19cmAnimal included:Elephant, Owl, Dog, Monkey Package: gift drawstring bag Features: Colorful animal wind chime with rattle sounds will delight the babies and help strengthen baby's sensory skills and gross motor skills. Fun at home or on the go! Note: 1. Care instructions: hand wash or machine wash in gentle cycle, tumble dry or natural air drying. 2. Need wash before first use. May slight color deviation due to different displays. 3. Do not tear the toy with force. Use under the adult's Supervision. Do not keep the small parts of the toy in mouth in case baby swallow it. Additional Images: Baby Rattle Toys, Kids Stroller Hanging Bell,...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 4 Pack Infant Baby Rattle Toys, Kids Stroller Hanging Bell, Newborn Baby Car Crib Stroller Handbells Toys Cute Wind Chime and Squeak  4 different Hanging bell rattles, each are colorful and differ in shapes.  The rattles are music themed, Each rattle is unique and fun to play with. Your baby will love playing with so many rattle toys! Make Soft Voice: Built-in rattle and BB-device. It makes soft sound when you shaking,you babies will be attracted by it.The BB-device help to stimulate your babies muscle and delevop grab ability. 1 x Elephant Rattle Toy 1 x Cat Rattle Toy 1 x Frog Rattle Toy 1 x Owl Rattle Toy Safe Toys for Boys and Girls under 3 Years Old Additional Images: